Disposable surveillance

This body of work is a statement to the surveillance society that has been growing around us in silence. Our movements and behaviour are monitored in different ways, by cameras in the streets and in public environments, through supermarket client cards, internet search engines and facebook updates. Usually all the information is gathered without us knowing about it. Some of the information is not filed anywhere, while some is stored forever beyond our reach. For what purpose is this data stored, who gains from it and who’s job is it to go through all this camera footage and records? We are letting go of the right to ourselves, completely voluntarily, and no one knows what these files are used for. What happens when private is no longer private, but public? Am I defined by the images and data collected of me and can I control it in any way? ”I think, therefore I am” is no longer valid, it is far more important to exist on a monitor somewhere.

The work is a surveillance record and the person in the images is being chased by the camera. She can’t escape our curious voyeurism. She does not want to reveal herself, but she is forced to cave. The mood is distressed and closed, like we were observing a caged animal.