Month: February, 2014

Two voices of consciousness #6

We should probably discuss my work, I should sum up some things. Well, go ahead. I need to consider a few issues and sort them in my mind.

Flower arrangements/plants/still lives/Ikebana

There is a couple called the Herrigle’s. He is a German philosopher who wrote a book called “Zen in the Art of Archery” and she, sadly mainly known as his wife, wrote a book called “ Zen in the Art of Flower Arrangement”. I should get those books. Ikebana, which is the Japanese art of flower arrangement is something I should look into. A brief googling on the subject matter gives some interesting results, “Ikebana is a disciplined art form in which nature and humanity are brought together” and “Silence is a must during practices of ikebana.” Sounds exactly like my cup of tea.

I should also study still lives, even though I am not completely sure what exactly it is I should study. The form? The colour? The why?

I should elaborate my forest with some carefully considered items. Maybe a plant. I should consider making it more versatile, adding the odd one out for example.

Maybe do another group with flower arrangements.


Groups/Typologies/Singularities in groups

I kind of suspected it would come down to this. It is like I cast a fishing line as far as I possible could and now I am winding it back in again. Typologies of trees. I should think about trees and particularly types of trees. I should collect groups of trees and also contemplate the singular tree in relation to a group of trees. The dying one, the young one, the short one, the tall one. Otherwise I am just randomly shooting trees, which is exactly what I have been doing so far and I have loved it! My tree library has got rather wide already, so I have material to work with.


Origami in the space

It is apparent that the origamis will be presented as objects. But in which way. The origami water bombs are like sockets. And sockets are left on the ground. Randomly? For people to pick up? The origami water bombs are like balls. Like lottery balls, you either get YES or NO? The origami water bombs are like weapons. They can be thrown at you or by you.


Sounds like you have a lot of work to do. Your concept has expanded a bit? It has, but is that not quite normal? I guess so. To have it all figured out before hand becomes tedious. I do fear sometimes. ? That I do not have the answers. That I do what I do so intuitively that it lacks any formal substance and that I can not defend it, in case of an attack. You can not defend the work? Yes, and through that, myself. Why do you fear an attack? Because I often feel outsmarted by other people. I feel that the minute I turn my back, I get questioned. That someone is out there to get me. You are paranoid. I am, but I do not consider it as a weakness, quite the opposite actually. I do not want to leave any holes for someone else to fill, I want to fill them myself. With? With matter, with subject matter. That is why I keep dragging the referendum with me, that is my protection. When I feel I am on a dry spot, I can let it go.


Indoor Forest