Two voices of consciousness #15

by Linda

I promised to come back to you on the notion of ugliness, when our previous subject what beauty. Yes, I remember. So you read the article now? Yes, it was Mark Cousins “The Ugly” from 1994. As a general note, it feels that ugliness can not be discussed without beauty, where as beauty can be a subject of contemplation solely on it’s own. That is something Cousins writes about, how ugliness is not the opposite of beauty, they rather exist in totally different registries. The article on beauty concentrated on issues outside aesthetics, where as this article revolves around the concern that ugliness can not be a part of the aesthetic agenda. I understand this point, because aesthetics is the theoretical knowledge of beauty, the scientific study on the subject’s relation to beauty. Only and solely beauty. There for beauty can exist without ugliness, but ugliness is always described as something that is not beautiful.