Two voices of consciousness #19

2015-04-17 16.24.15 2015-04-24 16.33.38

While pondering on some new work at the studio, I got myself something else to marvel. I just collected a package full of thesis books from undergraduate photography students I happily agreed on grading. Just looking at the books made me pretty impressed, they sure look a hell of a lot better than our books did a few years ago… The degree show opens at Tobaksmagasinet in Jakobstad on the 7th of May and runs until the 28th.

What about the new work then. Reading an article in the paper some while ago made be realise the interesting paradox between the Finnish and Swedish words for conscience; omatunto (fin.) and samvete (swe.). They both tell of the same thing, i.e a person’s moral sense of right and wrong, even though literally they describe two completely different approaches. While as the Finnish word talks about a person’s intimate, very personal feeling about right and wrong the Swedish translation is all about a shared, collective understanding of right and wrong. Quite different attitudes in my opinion. It is about the polarity that exists in, well, everything apparently. The personal vs. the shared, subjectivity vs. objectivity, feeling vs. fact, your view on yourself vs. the image other people project on you. And everything in-between.